posted in October 03rd, 2010

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More than 80 cars took part in the EMMA Heat 2 held in Singapore at St. James Power Station on 26 September 2010.

Contestant, Mr Roy Cheng, from Dimension Audio chose a pair of Ground Zero Reference 18(7.09" Midwoofer), a pair of Ground Zero Reference 28(28mm Tweeter), a pair of Ground Zero Reference 100(4" Midrange), two units of Ground Zero Reference 2(Class AB to Class A) and one unit of Ground Zero Reference 4 (Class AB to Class A) amplifiers installed in an active 3-Way system which were linked by PSI RCA Interconnect and PSI Speaker cables.  The entire system was set up only fifteen(15) hours before the competition.  He competed in the Advanced 7CH(Unlimited) category and was crowned the 2nd Runner-up.  He shared that he was relieved and surprised because the whole system was insufficiently run-in and the A-pillars which holding the Midrange and tweeters were not permanently fixed.

On behalf of PSI (UK) and Ground Zero (Germany), AutoTomorrow would like to express our congratulations to the Winner for his achievements.  We wish him every success in the Grand Finals.

Kinds regards from Singapore and Germany